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When ordering the drink at a bar the suggested way to serve is with the orange, it drinks just fine on its own.A review of Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale from Blue Moon, with a sense of humor.This pumpkin flavored ale is seasonal and our fans voted for this beer, so check it out.

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If Miller Light is cheaper than Bud Light, pay extra for Bud Light.

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Is it such a crime to want to drink a fruity beer all year long.I may or may not be confused about how Winter Ales are different than other beers.A couple of nights ago I had my friend Rebecca over to try a couple more beer cocktails.This time Rebecca suggested I use more beer and less lemonade and I think it improved the taste.Get nutrition information and sign up for a free online diet program at CalorieCount.

The moderately high alcohol content also helps ensure that you will get your monies worth.

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Purists will take time to prepare it with the fruit, so that could be a bit of a distraction.

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How is the taste similar to or different from other beers of the same style.

That is, Molson-Coors has announced that Blue Moon, a hugely popular beer sold by Miller Coors in the United States is.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Blue Moon 16 Oz Pilsner Beer Glass Set of 2.The carbonation bubbles were minimal and it was smooth going down.

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Easily a smooth brew that can be sipped or enjoyed through the course of the night as the beer of choice.In 2004, Pale Ale and Amber Lager were added, making the JW Dundee name a true craft brewing family. Customer Reviews: Blue Moon 16 Oz Pilsner Beer

The brand was an overwhelming success that defied definition as a style and grew to tremendous acclaim, garnering several medals at the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival.Rising Moon was pretty good last year, I recall, a bit more refreshing than Belgian White.This month we are going to be focusing on the Blue Moon Brewmasters Seasonal Special to help us roll through the fall season and gear up for winter and all of the delicious seasonal beers.Liquid Viagra is a beer cocktail made from Red Bull energy drink and beer.Heineken beer review. ABV: 5%. Bottle: The iconic green bottle with the lone red star.Durable, High quality Pint glasses from Blue Moon brewing company.

The bottom of my glass was fairly transparent, but hazier towards the brim.Beer Review is a blog dedicated to the appreciation of beer and beer culture.American pale wheat ale flavored with agave nectar by Blue Moon Brewing Company.

Beer Review also provides a forum for fellow beer enthusiasts to exchange information and share opinions.

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We immediately fell in love with it and almost always drink it when we get together.

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Source: Appearance: Looks like a mix of apple juice and mostly flat ginger ale, except slightly darker.Harvest Moon is a Pumpkin Ale offered in the Fall, Full Moon is the Winter Ale, Rising Moon is the Spring Ale, and Honey Moon is the Summer Ale.Drink a Beer and Play a Game review Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale.

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Do you detect any hints of caramel, coffee, citrus, or honey.

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Hello, and welcome to our first beer review in months that is not pumpkin related.While there is nothing wrong per say with this beer, there is nothing that great either.

It is a simple beer, brewed with wheat and orange, and comes in a medium light hue that is a combination of orange and amber.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Blue Moon 16 Oz Pilsner Beer Glass Set of 2 at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.A distinct orange flavor always lingers starting with the first sip and lasting with you until the final chug.Discover Blue Moon Belgian White (Blue Moon Brewing Company), explore its beer style, tasting notes, price, alcohol by volume, and more.Visit or for more information about beer styles. 4. Mouthfeel As the name suggests, mouthfeel is determined by how the beer actually feels in your mouth. Read expert reviews on Kitchen blue moon beer

Fortunately the lasagna was ready by the time we finished our drinks.